Environmental Services

Royal Organic Products owns and operates a premier composting facility in the center of Washington state, on the east side of the Cascade Mountains, near the Columbia River. We work with municipalities, cities, counties and private haulers across the region to develop soil ammendments for our communities.

We accept yard debris, food scraps and agricultural residues for composting. Our location is ideal for year around access. The arid conditions allow us to better manage moisture and recycle all the water with no discharge. The large site allows us to better collaborate with nature and avoid emitting offensive odors.

We maintain a board seat on the Washington Organic Recycling Council and stay current with the latest recycling technologies and techniques. We also belong to several other organizations within the industry and conduct our own research in agricultural applications.


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Royal Organic Products
Address: 17405 Road 13 SW | Royal City, WA 99357
Phone: 509-346-9221
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