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Royal Organic Products Quality CompostComposting is collaborating with nature to ensure a controlled breakdown of organic matter. It is really the microbes that do the work – we just make sure they stay efficient. Composting is similar to raising livestock in that we provide the matter with water, food, habitat and oxygen. As it eats and multiplies it creates heat. The heat kills the pathogens, weed seeds and some other contaminants. The combination of the microbes and heat break the organic material down making the nutrients more available.

Our high quality compost has not just met regulatory guidelines but has gone much further. Technically you can make compost meet regulations within a month, but it is not ready to use. It needs to be cured, aged and stabilized. We cure and age our materials for months (sometimes over a year) before it is screened to our standards.

Different microbes work best at different temperatures. Composting, curing and aging over a long period of time can create a greater diversity of positive microbes in the material. Our research shows that different microbes have specific functions in the soil. Some have been identified as specializing in making nitrogen more available, others seem to make boron more available. High populations of positive microbes can out-compete the bad microbes to help with disease suppression.

Compost also needs to be tested by a credible lab. The Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) program developed by the U.S. Composting Council is the gold standard in the industry. They requires compost facilities to use specific sampling procedures and accredited labs that use standardized testing.

Now that you know what compost is, let’s look at what compost is not. Compost is not screened manure, log yard waste, rotted wood chips, old mint slugs or anything else that has not gone through a managed time and temperature process.
Royal Organic Products Quality Compost

Soil Test Results:

High quality compost delivers a lot to your soils. Organic matter increases the water holding capacity, increases the cat-ion exchange enabling the plant to take up the nutrients more efficiently, and it gives the microbiology a food source. The microbiology breaks down the nutrients into usable forms for the plants.

High quality compost increases your soil health, and your plant health.

Some of our general test results are below for your reference. Visit to learn more.

General Test Results Sample:

  • Fine Screen Spec
  • Typical Analysis, as received
  • pH: 7
  • E.C.: 2
  • Total N: 1.2%
  • Organic C: 12%
  • Organic Matter: 25%
  • P2O5: .4%
  • K2O: .7%
  • Stable CO2 Evolution
  • Cucumber Bioassay: near 100% germination and 100% vigor
  • Pathogens: Pass well below thresholds or No Detect
  • All heavy metals well below thresholds
  • 100% passing through 1/4” screen
  • Clean
  • Typical Analysis, as received
  • pH: 8.7
  • E.C.: 6.5
  • Total N: 2.4%
  • Organic C: 18%
  • Organic Matter: 35%
  • P2O5: .7%
  • K2O: 2.4%
  • Stable CO2 Evolution
  • Cucumber Bioassay: Not Applicable
  • Pathogens: Pass well below thresholds or No Detect
  • All heavy metals well below thresholds
  • 100% passing through 3/8” screen
  • Clean

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Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance for Royal Organic Products

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