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Royal Organic Products owns and operates a premier composting facility in the center of Washington state, on the east side of the Cascade Mountains, near the Columbia River. We create and distribute the highest quality organic compost and soil amendment products available.

Farmers, landscapers, homeowners and others make use of our products while building their soils. They feed the world with the finest organic Washington apples, grapes, grains and vegetables; or they provide erosion control along our roads; or they keep our parks and golf courses green; or they take pride in gardens at home.

We use agricultural residues, green waste, and other organic matter to create rich and nourishing organic compost that can be used for hundreds of applications. This keeps thousands of tons of organic matter from being dumped into landfills or burned. We then screen, blend and use a variety of methods to create custom compost products that meet your product specifications.

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Royal Organic Products
Address: 17405 Road 13 SW | Royal City, WA 99357
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